Chinese tourism has become one of the UK’s newest, affluent sectors and the level of visitors this year is predicted to increase by 40%.  Are you ready?


Aside from cuisine, interpreters, tour guides and slippers (!) – An important element for your Chinese visitor will be what you offer within your TV Channel line up. As a high number of the population do not speak English, their own familiar channels will be a welcome respite in an unfamiliar environment. Research indicates that this is one of a Chinese traveller’s five basic requirements when travelling abroad.


We are agents of Techlive who have exclusive rights to distribute China’s Top 5 Premium TV Channels in the UK (China has over 3k TV channels) and we can help, if you are not yet ready for the your Chinese visitors this year.

We have a special promotion for early adopters; A Welcome Chinese Starter Pack for a limited period only which includes

  • A total of 5 Premium TV Channels (low monthly contract)
  • No Activation Fee
  • Free Mandarin translation services for one web page per site and in-room Chinese collateral – this would include those all important hotel services
  • A 24/7 Chinese Translation phone number for concierge or guests to use.*
  • Hotel Brand promoted to ‘preferred’ status on CTrip (the Chinese equivalent to Trip Adviser)

* Terms to be finalised

Even if you are ahead of the curve and have addressed the needs of your Chinese visitors, you may still want to consider adding Chinese Channels to your package as this will offer invaluable benefits such as;

  • Boosting your marketing efforts through CTrip.  Hoteliers with Chinese channels will be bumped to preferred status (TV channels is one of the search criteria for the site).
  • Promoting your products and services online, inroom and on your TV set in the language they understand
  • Chinese love social media and will share the fact that your hotel was able to accommodate their viewing habits

As you are probably aware, hotels do not currently offer TV channels for the Chinese market and outside of a selection of dubbed or sub-titled US movies your visitors would struggle to find entertainment in their language (a high percentage of Chinese tourists do not speak English).

I hope you agree that this is an important service for hotels wishing to attract Chinese visitors during 2017 and with the added value package highlighted above, now is a good time for you to revisit your Channel line-up.

So contact us today and be part of the Chinese Welcome as we begin the roll out in the UK and Europe.

Download the Chinese Welcome Package to kick start your campaign



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